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Discover a Holistic Journey of Quranic Memorization and Academic Excellence at Cornwall Islamic Foundation.


Cornwall Islamic foundation

Innovative On-Campus Online Learning

Join CIF for a unique educational experience that combines Quran memorization, comprehension, and academic excellence in a dynamic on-campus online environment, ideal for secondary and postsecondary students.


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CIF provides tailored online education for Cornwall's Muslims.


Academic Subjects

In addition to religious education, we offer online tutoring in various academic subjects to provide a well-rounded education. Our tutors are experienced in a range of subjects, ensuring students receive comprehensive academic support.


Quran Hifz (Morning)

Embark on a spiritual journey mastering the Quran with our specialized online program. Our curriculum facilitates easy and confident Quranic memorization, ensuring a transformative learning experience.


Quran Classes Evening

Recognizing that many Muslims can read but not correctly recite the Quran, this program emphasizes correct pronunciation and recitation. Our online teachers are dedicated to helping students recite each word with the correct accent, enhancing their Quranic understanding.



What People Say About Us

Imran khan


"We're grateful for CIF's personalized homeschool curriculum. Our kids progress at their own pace, gaining a deep understanding of each subject. The inclusion of Islamic studies and Quran classes nurtures their love for faith. CIF isn't just a school; it's where our children grow intellectually and spiritually."

Syed Shoaib Hussain


"Enrolling my daughters at CIF brings immense peace of mind. They receive high-quality education with personalized homeschooling support and are deeply immersed in Islam. Emphasizing Islamic studies and Quran classes ensures their academic and spiritual growth, fostering a strong connection to their faith."

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